Monday, October 3, 2016

Beware of Fraudulent essay writing companies

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Fraudulent essay writing websites are not only defrauding their staff of writers, they are also defrauding their customers. If you are a student, you are probably juggling four or five classes, a part-time job and a social life. So when Professor Ilovetermpapers assigned you a 10 page essay this morning, you struggled to figure out how you could possibly finish that over the weekend with work, sleep and all those parties. Well that's easy! Run a quick search on the internet, scrounge up around twenty bucks and you just bought yourself a well-written essay and a free weekend. Score!

Well before either of you start to celebrate, you should know that many of these websites state they are operated in the US; complete with bogus US customer service numbers, however, the truth is quite the contrary. The most popular websites are run outside US, and when one of their sites is exposed, they just create ten more. But what does that mean to you? Does it really matter that they are operated overseas? You bet.

The fraudulent essay writing websites tout that their "staff" of "500 professional writers" is waiting at your disposal to write that pesky term paper you just can't get to. You will want to note, however, the look on your professor's face as he hands back your paper for revision. That is the perplexed look of "I didn't realize English was Timmy's second language". Most of the papers that come to you from these websites are written by people in foreign countries who fail to use proper American style English and are quite possibly full of errors that you would never catch as you forgot to read that chapter on the whole "1929 stock market crash" thing. (Unless, of course, you were lucky enough to receive one of the papers written by a legitimate, albeit starving, freelance writer.)

There are various ways of making sure that you are buying from a legitimate term paper mill. Before you sign up for any website, run an internet search on freelance writing scams, essay writing scams, or enter the name of the site you are thinking about joining. At the very least it may return a few forums where current or former employees or clients are discussing the pros and cons of the business. It may also return many of the scam watch websites out there created to protect freelance writers and students. One such website, lists over 350 essay websites that are fraudulent either for non-payment to writers or poor quality work delivered to clients.
The scam watch websites also provide information on warning signs you should watch for in order to identify fraudulent essay writing businesses. For instance, if the website you are reading through contains poor grammar, most likely it is not a legitimate business. If they are charging you, the student, less than about $12 per page for custom research, you're looking at receiving a paper from an ESL writer. If you are writing for a company that sells full term papers at $16.95 for the client but they promise a minimum of $5 to $16 per page for writing it, obviously there is some Enron-style accounting going on there.

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